The Spirit

Neha Crea is a line of jewelry and accessories inspired by the well-being and energies around the glass bead handmade with torch.

This jewelery line is primarily for women. Because we are guided on a daily basis by our emotions and desires, we like to wear jewels that looks like us and that reflect our mood, our intentions or our personality.


The Body

Just like the glass bead itself, jewelery is an important element in the art of adorning for centuries. It represents an era, a lifestyle, beliefs or ethics.

It is perceived as an accessory, yet its power exceeds the material aspect. Over time, our jewelry becomes a reflection of our feelings, the sensor of our emotions and our energies. It multiplies our own inner forces and becomes our protector.

The Soul

Neha Crea is a way to rediscover the glass everyday, the art and the way to work it with the flame and thus promote a craft "made in France". It is a know-how that requires modern and specialized tools, yet the techniques used are based on traditional and ancestral gestures.

It is also an artistic approach that has no other limit than the matter and an infinite imagination, focused on certain mystical and spiritual influences, cultural or artistic through the collections.


Each creation is handmade by Nathalie Crottaz.

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