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 ©Neha Crea is a small craft company, located in Essonne, Ile de France. Nathalie Crottaz is the designer and director of glass beads jewelries and other accessories offered on this website. All beads are made by hand.  By buying a creation on this online shop, you support a rare craftsmanship, an history and an art workshop established in France.

As much as possible, the designer promotes the realisation of her creations with accessories produced in the European Union, fair trade or that respect environmental, human or ecological ethical criteria. It is not always easy to find resources but it is a founding direction in this process of creation for a new world.


Are jewels resistant?

The proposed finishes are mainly made of stainless steel. They do not rust and are very resistant. You can swim them in the water, bathe yourself from time to time, but be sure to rinse them with fresh water and gently dry them with an absorbent towel in order to preserve the appearance of the jewelry.

The prototypes of the models proposed were worn and tested for several weeks by the designer before being offered, in order to offer a certain comfort when wearing in addition to esthetism and to check the solidity of the assembly.

You can travel, live your adventures in complete freedom, but a jewel is still a delicate accessory, which must be taken care of and respected.

Some models are meant to accompany you on a daily basis, others will have a more casual purpose.


Are the glass beads fragile ?

The beads are manufactured in such a way as to respect the demanding and delicate material. They are made hot and then baked in the oven for a minimum of hours, in order to eliminate thermal shocks which can weaken a part not annealed. Beads are solid glass objects, when they fall to the ground, they bounce because they can absorb shocks.

Glass beads jewels is therefore not as fragile as we thinks and the ornaments will have a good longevity, especially if it is taken care of.

How to care for glass beads ?

You can first rub them gently with a soft cloth, insisting on the perforations of the beads.
Be sure to rest your jewelry in their boxes in order to preserve your beads from the microrayures over time.

For more informations, please visit the "Be careful of beads" page.

A beads has broken over time ....

This can happen, but the advantage of offering a craft piece is that it can be repaired. Contact the workshop.


Is it possible to modify a model?

Yes, just contact the workshop to take stock of your wishes and what is feasible.

At the level of the beads, it is possible to modify the color, the opacity and the size.
At the level of the models, it is possible to modify the finishes and also to adapt the dimensions.


However, a price adjustment may be requested to meet your requirements. The possibilities also depend on the stock and the deadlines.

You can also make a completely custom made jewel.


Will my purchases look like pictures?

Yes, each piece of jewelery is photographed so as to clearly show its characteristics from several angles of view.

However, you have the ability to place custom orders. The models offered are then reproduced according to your choices, it is on this type of orders that you will meet variations since each pearl is unique, it will make jewelry, a unique and authentic piece!


I no longer find the article I had seen.

Many items are offered to the unit on the online store. Being a craft company, Neha Crea offers articles that can leave very quickly and that can no longer be reproduced. Contact the workshop to find out if it is possible to recreate a model.

In any case, the permanent collections are available throughout the year, such as the following collections: MEDITATION, SIMPLCITE, INVOCATON. Only colors may vary. The capsule collections are annual, in limited series and not reproducible.

Are the jewelery delivered in a box?

Yes, the jewelry comes with a case adapted to the model in order to offer you a comfort of use and a daily pleasure. It is also a way to preserve the work that has been done on the glass parts.

Is there evidence of authenticity?

The invoice, will be sufficient proof to prove the origin of your purchase Neha Crea.

Are the accessories delivered in a case?

Everything depends on the model, in any case, the accessories will be delivered in a suitable packaging to ensure a good reception.

Are the tableware objects fragile?

Do not be cautious in using your tea filters or your pages marks! The real luxury is to live daily with authentic and handmade objects. Use these objects with pleasure on a daily basis!

How to take care of tea filters?

After tasting your infusion, rinse your tea ball abundantly. You can also rinse the beads. The tea balls are made of stainless steel, they do not rust, however to avoid the limescale deposit on the beads, wipe your tea ball with an absorbent cloth.

Tea tannins can settle over time in the interstices of the filter, spread the tea ball with a small soft brush and soapy water regularly.


For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact the workshop!

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