A jewel that multiplies our own inner strength, a jewel that captures our energies or emotions is actually a reflection of the soul, a reflection of our personality. This is the guideline of the glass bead ornaments ©NEHA CREA. These are sets of necklaces, bracelets or earrings, which are meant to transcend matter and interpret our intentions on a daily basis to provide a deep well-being, an assurance, a comfort or the feeling of be fully self, in perfect alignment with his deep desires.
This research around the potential of everyone to feel the vibratory power of things is inspired and transcribed here by strong symbolisms in models such as protective totems, the invocation of mineral energies or even some notions of Feng Shui, balance and simplicity in everyday life or the quest for peace and a clear mind through the mala beads.
In this vision, there is a certain will to connect notions of mindfulness, spiritual notions of well-being and harmony, to create a bridge between matter and light.
This approach is also expressed beyond the beauty enhancement of the body, to go into the world of Tableware and interior decoration, because Neha Crea is above all represent a lifestyle, an inner compass that guides us in this quest for the full development of being in everyday life, surrounded by beauty, authenticity, comfort, dreams, poetry, nature and joys...

Several collections to come: Plage de Verre, Cyclone and Divination.

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