Glass beads are real treasures, resulting from a long alchemical research, it is an ancestral art. Long used to imitate semi-precious stones, they evoke the minerals and rich in their history, travel and the encounter of cultures.

The first glass beads were made around the middle of the third millennium before J-C, in Mesopotamia with a rudimentary tool, an earthen oven and a wood fire. This know-how was subsequently replenished by trade with Western Europe and then Asia through the ages. The most elaborate decorative techniques appeared under the new Egyptian Empire and subsequently in the Greek world.

The Celts as to them will express their attractions for the glass around the ornament. The Roman Empire will be marked by its exchanges with the Middle East through mosaic motifs. The nomadic tribes will bring a very colorful note to the finery and will influence the clothing by the glass beads in the VI and VII century. The Scandinavian countries and the Vikings greatly developed this trade thereafter.

In the Middle Ages, beads are impregnated with a more spiritual dimension, while this material unknown in America will be traded and used as an exchange medium. In the renaissance, the tooling has evolved well and Murano will become the capital of the glass with the lamp ...


Contemporary glass beads are based on an history thousands of years old, enriched by a variety of artistic and cultural movements.

Nowadays, the beads are made with modern tools where the craftsman's hand realizes precise patterns and high-quality beads. This craftsmanship is therefore based on techniques of shaping and antique decorative techniques.

The glass used is a soft glass, which requires a sharp know-how to work because it is very sensitive to thermal shocks during heating. The colored glass used for the Neha Crea ornaments is a rare material from Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, the United States or China, and is produced in small structures, in permanent series or limited. The colors are composed of different oxides, such as cobalt, copper, silver or gold. This makes it a valuable material of high quality. In addition, glass is neither polluting nor toxic.

To create a glass bead, the use of specialized materials is required: a torch that works with gas and oxygen, some special tools and an annealing oven to ensure that the glass beads have excellent shock resistance. After the manufacturing and annealing process, the beads are cleaned one by one and then dried.

They will then be carefully selected to fit into a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings.

Why the glass ?

Glass is a noble matter that contains many secrets, its aesthetic and deep qualities make it an unrivaled material.

It goes through time and offers a whole variety of possibility in creation. It is magnificent when it meets the metals, it warms itself when it mingles with the wood and only it charms us by its brightness, its transparency or by its nuances in the colors.

The glass regale our senses and stimulate them, what a pleasure it is to feel the glass under its fingers, as soft as velvet, to feel it warm on contact with our skin and see it sparkle in the sun!

The glass offers a multitude of possibilities of colors, shapes and patterns. It is the king of metamorphoses, its aspect also can be very varied, opaque, transparent, shiny or matt. Associated with stones or gems, the glass takes on a completely different dimension.

That is all potential that glass offers that is the essence of the Neha Crea spirit. It is a living matter that must be understood and observed. It holds strong vibrational capacities, like all matter related to the earth and which composes our universe carries in it real energies.

The glass simply represents the fusion of the elements that surrounds us.

Why Glass Beads ?

Feeling the qualities of glass on itself and honoring every day this rare and exceptional knowledge that is the spinning of glass beads is a valuable thing in its history.

Glass beads provide comfort and pleasure. To look at them or to touch them, to wear them and to hear them tinkling when they come into contact with each other, reminds one of the delicacy of a past.

They are strongly sentimental because behind each artisan glass bead, there is a person who has put his heart to the work, who has appealed to his senses, his influences and his knowledge on many years. The creation of a bead involves several stages and apart from the technical aspects, there is also at the base of each one a real creative energy.

Beads are the result of an authentic know-how and carry in them energies that provide a feeling of wonder.




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