Take care of your beads

Give yourself a break, set up your own
"Routine jewelry box" and pamper your favorite accessories.

The workshop ©Neha Crea offers you a natural trick to take care of your adornments while respecting the glass beads:


At first, rub your glass beads jewelry gently with a very soft cloth, insisting on the perforations of the beads in order to raise the first possible dirt.

Then moisten a very soft cloth with a solution based on floral water and essential oil, then gently rub your Neha Crea jewels.

In addition to nesting your glass beads, this method will leave a delicious plant smell on your jewelry.

Regenerate your beads

Glass is a highly vibratory material. Like the semi-precious stones it comes from the Earth, it channels the energies and retransmits them.

As the jewelry is worn daily, they absorb the energies you emit, the technique of fumigation is ideal to unload your jewels and purify them without altering them.

To do this, light genuine incense, sandalwood, sage or armenia paper and then pass the beads through the smoke. It is a small ritual to be carried out regularly if one wants to avoid carrying out a deep cleaning which could be more aggressive.

Then you can recharge them with positive energy.
You can leave your ornaments in the sun or moonlight for an hour, use the vibrations of your voice singing a mantra and drop an intention or use a Tsingha.




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